Who or what is Texto?

Texto is a writing, editing and proofreading service based in Sydney.

Texto’s chief word nerd has a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, and over five years’ experience in writing and editing copy. He uses apostrophes in text messages. When he’s not writing or reaching for his running shoes, he’s picking up a pencil and pumping poorly produced prose full of lead.

Does he really wear those glasses?

Yes. Those x-ray specs see through circumlocution, prevarication, and loquaciousness.

Why should I use Texto?

Great copy isn’t about dogmatically following grammar rules – although knowing the rules is essential. Great copy is about using language that conveys who you are. Written communication must also be perfect for the situation­ – the moment of interaction. Texto understands that these are the two most important elements of all written communication.

If you brush your teeth every morning and wear a clean shirt when you have an important meeting, you know the importance of presentation (also, hygiene). Great written communication is as important a part of any brand as a memorable logo, the perfect product and the right ambassadors.

Whether you have copy that needs a rewrite, policies and procedures that don’t exist yet or some other problem in need of textual healing, Texto can help.

Why is Texto lower case in the logo, but capitalised elsewhere?

The lower case word is part of the logo, and the version with a capital letter is used in text as a proper noun. Distinctions like this are important, and like all written language it is a question of style and consistency. Thanks for noticing!

Why do birds suddenly appear?

You’ve found Texto on Twitter. Click the link or search for @hellotexto and connect with us.